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Give your team the right tools wherever they go. Source from quality local suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, and wholesalers that fit your business needs.

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Find new suppliers, manage existing ones

Tradebrics Sourcing

Build new supplier relationships.

Source from marketplace

Bring your team together to share documents, negotiate, and source on one intuitive dashboard.

Automated quote management

Request quotes from multiple suppliers on products and services in real time, negotiate price, and diversify your supply chain.

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Tradebrics Sourcing
Tradebrics Sourcing
Tradebrics Sourcing

Grow existing supplier relationships.

Onboard your current vendors

Upload your current vendors and let TradeBRICS automatically sort, match and update your data.

Manage your vendors

Manage your vendors in one place or let TradeBRICS maintain it for you. Get the latest updates from suppliers so that your team can make more informed decisions anywhere they go.

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Get more deals through the door.

Tradebrics Sales

Understand your network.

Understand who you’re doing business with

Reduce search costs, make better decisions and save your teams time by accessing detailed information about businesses.

Do deals with trusted businesses.

TradeBRICS guides your team by connecting you directly with validated local suppliers and manufacturers.

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Tradebrics Search
Tradebrics Promote
Tradebrics Sales

Build profitable relationships.

Sales tools built to bring in leads

Give your team powerful tools to build a solid sales pipeline that matches your business goals. Connect with key decision makers whilst always having eyes on your pipeline to prioritize your customers and prospects.

Turn conversations into conversions

Track interactions with customers and turn that data into powerful insights that fuel sales. Track leads, sent quotes to customers, and how many deals your team has closed in real time, anywhere you go.

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Simplify the way you do business


Choose products, services and brands that are right for your business needs.

Receive Quotes

Request quotes on products and services directly from suppliers.

Make a Deal

Award, decline or negotiate the quote you received from a supplier.

TradeBRICS handles your busy work

We provide a wide range of extensive business tools to make life easier for you.

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